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pre-sale service

1.A detailed analysis of your water source, water quality, and accurate determination of its characteristics and parameters

2. Assist in the completion of the feasibility study, environmental assessment, and initial establishment of the project

3. Design and recommend the most suitable sewage treatment system plan according to the project's budget and space.

4. Select advanced technology, equipment and control mode to provide you with the best system cost performance

Sale service

1. During construction, we will do civilized construction, ensure the quality of construction, and follow the principles of beauty and practicality

2. We are fully responsible for the installation, commissioning and quality inspection of the equipment

3. We will provide detailed operation manuals and train operation and maintenance personnel throughout the process

After sales service

1. Equipped with a smart water management system, real-time online monitoring and detection, to ensure continuous operation of the equipment, and regular return visits and assessment of the system's operating status

2. We will put forward new suggestions for improving the sewage treatment system to meet the needs of customers' production scale changes and the continuous development of sewage treatment technology.

3. Our inventory is sufficient, and we can provide spare parts quickly and effectively.

4. We implement life-long maintenance on all sold equipment and provide you with various technical consulting services.

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